Find Out How To Get Rid Of Acne Here

ImageAcne is a skin disease, where is a blockage in the pores of the skin, causing pockets of pus and inflammation. Acne is a skin disease that experience by everyone. Acne occurs because of

hormonal changes that stimulate oil glands in the skin. Pregnancy and menstruation can also cause hormonal changes to stimulate the growth of acne.

The cause of acne is usually hormonal changes, a pile of oil or bacterial infection. Additionally acne can also occur because of the dead skin cells. The excess production of oil glands

(sebaceous gland) and mixes with dead skin cells, causing blockage in the channels of hair follicles and skin pores. Dirty skin can also cause acne. To get rid of acne by suppressing the

skin area using dirty hand often trigger the growth of acne. Acne mostly found at the face. Acne can also attack other body parts like chest, back, hand and other body parts.

Acne can be grouped into several types, namely ordinary acne, comedo and acne Cystic. The ordinary Acne is more easily recognizable; this acne is small bulge or reddish pink. Ordinary

acne caused by a bacterial infection that can originate from washcloths, makeup brushes, fingers and so on. Comedo are clogged pores. Comedo is caused by dead skin cells and excess

secretion of oil glands. Cystic acne is big acne, accompanied by serve inflammation, and is usually spread across the face. Cystic acne usually have an over active oil glands, Abnormal

growth of skin cells and has an excessive response to inflammation.

Acne is a skin disease that is very disturbing performance especially for women. Here are several tips to prevent it.

1. Keeping the face clean To Clean face will remove dirt and bacteria that cause acne from your face. You can use cleansing milk or a soap that has PH which suitable with your skin.

2. Avoid hair covering your face Hair is easy to dirty in daily activity. If the hair had cover the face and leave droppings, you are likely to get acne.

3. Keep the Cleanliness of the bed Impurities that comes from the face and hair that sticks to the bed will become breeding grounds for germs, which could potentially cause acne. Clean the bed like pillowcases, sheets, and blankets on a regular basis can prevent acne.

4. Lots of drinking water Drinking water can remove toxins and useless substances that exist in the body and accelerate the metabolism in the body.

5. Do not use Excessive cosmetics the use of cosmetics will clog the pores of the face. Using cosmetics based water can reduce the risk of acne, rather than oil based cosmetics.

6. Do not get rid of acne by the way in push. Squeeze acne can lead to an increase in oil and dirt on the face, So that the acne is greatly increased.

7. Exercise and do other physical activities many exercise will remove sweat. The sweat that comes out of the pores can help to cleanse the skin from inside.

8. Avoid Stress Excessive stress can trigger the imbalance of hormonal.

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